Testpressings are not generally for sale. Trades are preferred. However you are free to make cash offers, but it must be underlined that no low offers are even considered.

All contacts as usual to outofthedungeon at hotmail dot com

ABHORRENCE (FI) - Completely Vulgar 2LP (first press)
BLACK STENCH (FI) - Shapeless Spectres Gathering LP
COUNCIL DAIMONION (FR) - Rise Into the Dark 7" testpress
DAEMONLUST (FI) - Death, The Heart of Satan LP testpress
DARKTHULE (GR) - Beyond the Endless Horizons LP testpress
DARKTHULE (GR) - Wolforder LP testpress
DEATHKEY / 88MM (US) - Total War / None of You Left 12"
DEATHKEY (US) - Doctrine of Intolerant Hatred 2LP
DISGRACE (FI) - Grey Misery LP
DESOLATION TRIUMPHALIS (FR) - Forever Bound to Nothingness LP testpress
FAMULUS AB SATANAS (FI) - Sacred Assembly Beneath Unholy Secrecy LP testpress
FULLMOON (PL) - United Aryan Evil LP testpress
HAMERGILDE (NL) - Wiking LP testpress
HAMMER (FI) - Shoax LP testpress
HERESIARCH (NZ) - Hammer of Intransigence 12" (SSP)
IGNIVOMOUS (AU) - Contragenesis LP (NWN diehard edition)
KRISTALLNACHT (FR) - Warspirit 12" testpress
MOONCITADEL (FI) - Onyx Castles and Silver Keys MLP testpress
MYRSKY ON TULOSSA! split LP testpress
NOCTURNAL TRIUMPH - The Fangs of Miseries Past LP
PERVERTED CEREMONY (BE) - Sabbat of Behezael LP (Pink/brown vinyl diehard edition)
RAVENBANNER (GR) - ...And Ravens Sing Our Glorious Past LP testpress
SADOGOAT (DK) - Cultus Capriea Ebrositatis 2LP
SELBSTMORD (PL) - Some Day the Whole World... LP testpress
SELBSTMORD (PL) - Spectre of Hate LP testpress
SIRPINMURTAJA (FI) - Sirpinmurtaja LP testpress
SVARTIDAUDI (IS) - Flesh Cathedral 2LP (first press)
SVARTIDAUDI (IS) - Flesh Cathedral CD (first press)
SVARTIDAUDI (IS) - The Synthesis of Whore and Beast 12" (first press)
SVARTIDAUDI (IS) - Revelations of the Red Sword CD (Faux-leather digipak)
TAARENES VAAR (NO) - Demo Sessions 1996-1998 LP
VOTHANA (US) - Huyết Thống Nhiễm Độc / Điều Tồi Tệ Nhất Vẫn Chưa Đến 10" MLP testpress

ABSURD - Asgardsrei LP (Wolftower Prod 1999 pressing on black vinyl with the knight cover)
AMORPHIS - Tales From the Thousand Lakes LP (Original blue vinyl, Nuclear Blast. Not a priority. Need one with EX condition sleeve.)
BATHORY - Twilight of the Gods LP (Original Black Mark)
BATHORY - Blood On Ice LP (Original Black Mark)
CANNIBAL CORPSE - Butchered at Birth LP (Orig Metal Blade)
CANNIBAL CORPSE - Tomb of the Mutilated LP (Orig Metal Blade)
CAPRICORNUS - Kein blut soll verunreinigt werden MC (Capricornus Productions. Original only.)
DEICIDE - Once Upon the Cross LP (Original press)
DER STÜRMER - Siegtruppen MC (Wolftower Productions. Original only, no dub.)
GRAVELAND - Celtic Winter/In the Glare of Burning Churches 2LP (1996 No Colours)
HONOR - W Dzien Triumfu... LP (2010 Nadsat Prod/Löngship Records)
HONOR - Ogien Ostatniej Bitwy LP (2011 Homo Superior)
HONOR - In Flames of the Rising Power LP (2015 Resistance)
JUDAS ISCARIOT - Distant in Solitary Night LP (Sombre Records, black vinyl preferred)
JUDAS ISCARIOT - Heaven in Flames LP (End All Life)
JUDAS ISCARIOT - The Cold Earth Slept Below LP (Sombre - the re-recording)
NARGAROTH - Herbstleyd 2LP (1998 No Colours)
NARGAROTH - Fuck Off Nowadays Black Metal MC (Uneven numbered copy with the extra song)
SATYRICON - Dark Medieval Times LP (Orig Moonfog)
SATYRICON - The Shadowthrone LP (Orig Moonfog)
SATYRICON - Nemesis Divina LP (Orig Moonfog)
SENTENCED - Shadows of the Past LP (Orig Thrash Records)
SENTENCED - Amok LP (Orig Century Media. Not a priority. Need one with EX condition sleeve.)
TOTENBURG - Pestpogrom LP (Christhunt)
TOTENBURG - Art und kampf 10"