Marching towards the new aeon…

2019 will begin with these:

DUNGEON005: RAVENBANNER (GR) – …And Ravens Sing Our Glorious Past CD digipak
– Raw and hateful Hellenic black metal assault. The tombstone of Ravenbanner. Sound has been remastered to make it even more fierce. Propably the closest there has ever been to the cult work like Veles “Black Hateful Metal”. Digipak edition with improved layout.


DUNGEON006: WODULF (GR) – Wargus Esto CD
– Barbaric Black Metal from Medieval times. Intolerant wolfish howl to strike fear on all subhumans across the land. Sound has been remastered to make it more powerful.


Both Ravenbanner and Wodulf will be released in co-operation with Breath of Pestilence.

DUNGEON007: GESTAPO 666 (FR) – Black Gestapo Metal CD
– Ultra raw black metal. Reissue of the first album of this mysterious band. Hear the death camp symphony and smell the stench of burning corpses.


Later in 2019 there will be releases from Hammer (FI), The True Werwolf (FI), Goatmoon (FI) and more planned.
Stay tuned… True black metal or die! 

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